The Overlook Review
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Late one night, police patrolling the overlook near Mulholland Drive, looking for the usual late-night loiterers, discover a body—a man who was shot twice and left at the overlook. Detective Harry Bosch, who’s just been moved from the Open-Unsolved Unit to Homicide Special, is called in immediately—because the case looks like it might be more than just a standard homicide.

The victim is Dr. Stanley Kent, a medical physicist who had access to radioactive materials that could do some serious damage if they were to wind up in the wrong hands. Suddenly, the case is more than just a murder case. It could be a matter of national security.

Due to the urgency and seriousness of the case, Bosch, who’s on his first case with rookie partner Iggy Ferras, now has to deal with the constant presence of the FBI—and that means working with his one-time flame, Rachel Walling. The more he finds out about the case, the more Bosch realizes that he’s about to be pushed out of it. But instead of sitting back and letting the FBI take over, he pushes back and does some investigating on his own—much to the chagrin of his young partner, who prefers to do things by the book.

Originally written as a sixteen-part serial—then expanded and reworked for publication—The Overlook comes together seamlessly, moving along at a breath-taking pace. Readers will feel the story’s urgency—and the pressure that Bosch is under as he races to solve the case.

The entire story takes place in around twelve hours—and Connelly wastes no time in telling it. There aren’t a lot of extra details in this short, 225-page novel. There’s no unnecessary fluff. And though Connelly’s writing isn’t always perfectly smooth, the suspense-filled story races along at break-neck speeds, flying around unexpected turns and coming to its end with a surprising twist that still manages to make perfect sense.

Anyone who’s read Connelly’s work knows that he’s a master of crime fiction. But his latest is so fast-paced and thrilling that you might want to consider having a seatbelt installed in your favorite reading chair before you begin—because you’re definitely in for a wild ride.

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