E-Author Spotlight: Susanne Marie Knight
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In the same year Gene Kelly, Donald O’Conner, and Debbie Reynolds were singin’ in the rain, Gary Cooper stood alone at high noon, and Queen Elizabeth II ascended the throne, a beautiful little girl named Susanne Marie Knight was born in New York, where her mother couldn’t say, “Go outside and play or else.” Instead, it was, “Be careful and stay where I can see you.” But this didn’t stop Ms. Knight from spreading her arms to see how high she could fly on the nearby playground swings.

She sings, she dances, she sculpts, she sews, and spins straw into gold—what? You don’t believe her? Ah, but she does have a great imagination and brings it into her writing with unique stories only she can make plausible, no matter how outrageous the idea. She can write a novel about Neanderthal people who still live among us, and then switch gears and write about continental marriage in the Regency period.

Star Trek stuff is one of her great loves—she’s collected a deck of cards, lunchbox, blanket, watch, earrings and all the TV shows and movies. She also loves family time, relaxing vacations, her cat, good movies, and a glass of merlot at night.

Her funniest memory is of the day she painted the doorframe between the kitchen and the back deck. She left the door open, so the paint could dry quicker, and her cat saw this as a great opportunity to see the big bad world. He dashed out of the kitchen, only to feel something strange on his paws. High-tailing it back into the kitchen, leaving blue prints in his wake, he shook his back paws trying to rid himself of the offensive blue paint. Needless to say, he never attempted escape again.

On Writing in Susanne Marie Knight’s Own Words

What or who inspires you to write?

I can’t imagine not writing; it’s that much a part of me. For inspiration, I love playing the "what if" game to get my ideas, and I also enjoy using bits and pieces from real life to add realism to my novels.

Why did you begin writing?

I’ve always enjoyed writing, be it a novel, short story, or even a business letter! And reading came even easier to me; as a kid, my idea of a perfect summer vacation was to have lots and lots of books to read. So what could be more natural than to create my own stories? I love to combine fantasy with my own particular kind of reality; thus my motto: Romance Writing with a Twist.

What author inspires you?

Authors—I can’t dwindle it down to one. I still admire the authors I read as I was growing up. For powerful stories that stretch the imagination, I thank Isaac Asimov and Robert A. Heinlein. For the elegance and charm of Regencies, I’m indebted to Georgette Heyer. For the challenge of a juicy murder mystery, I applaud Agatha Christie. Also, I admire Stephen King on his story-telling ability, his willingness to experience the world of electronic publishing, and his determination to overcome a horrific accident.

What do you find most rewarding about writing?

The most rewarding part of writing is receiving feedback from readers. It’s always a thrill and an honor to hear how my writing has touched people’s lives.

Have you experienced writer’s block? And if so, how did you cure it?

Yes, every project has at least one writer’s block allotted—usually more! When this happens, I take a complete break from the work. Sometimes I focus on another area of writing, like doing some form of promotion or organizing my files. Creative writing is a "right brain" activity; you use the right hemisphere of your brain for creative and emotional behavior. To give that side of my brain a rest, I try activities that involve the left brain, which include organizing, writing factual articles, mathematics, etc. Once I’m refreshed, it’s amazing how the ideas then seem to flow and I’m soon back at the keyboard, quickly pounding out words.

Coming to an E-book Store near You

Competitors! February 2007: A paranormal romantic suspense that asks the question: Neanderthals are extinct, aren’t they? Vivianne Quinn is staying at her brother’s apartment to recover from a personal tragedy. Her visit is anything but tranquil, for soon a serial killer targets her as the next victim. She has to "babysit" a valuable artifact, and she falls in love with a stranger who is unlike anyone she has ever met. How will Vivianne react when she finds out just how different he really is?

Janus is a Two-Faced Moon March 2007: A science fiction romance that is a sequel to the award-winning Janus is a Two-Headed God. Her family or her world? Who dies is up to Blair Sinclair, but how can she possibly choose? In the year 2458, injured ballerina Blade Sinclair agrees to participate in the Galactic Olympic Games. Unfortunately, she’s on the wrong team; an alien team. If Blade doesn’t win a gold medal, her family will die. If Blade does win, the Sarthox will destroy Earth. What’s a girl to do?

A Continental Marriage June 2007: A Regency romance. American Nicolette Turner has a bone to pick with the British. Not only are her country’s maritime rights being violated, but her English grandfather, the Earl of Eldredge demands she travel across the Atlantic to visit him. At the Earl’s urging, an impoverished Lord Cushing proposes and Nicolette accepts—only because her grandfather’s money sweetens the deal. Where does love fit into this financial transaction?

Susanne Marie Knight certainly has a diverse imagination, and she blends suspense with a haunting question—why did Neanderthals abruptly vanish 30,000 years ago—in Competitors! But what if they’re not extinct? What if they walk among us? This is a plot that can easily sound far-fetched in the wrong author’s hands, but Ms. Knight pulled it off, suspending my belief and wrapping me in an enthralling tale. You want an author with unique style? Susanne Marie Knight is your gal.

To learn more about Ms. Knight and her upcoming releases, visit her online at: www.susanneknight.com/mainpage.htm

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