Night School
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She entered my office hesitantly: “Hello. My son Johnny here is dropping out. I need to enroll him in night school."

“Night school is serious business,” I told her, “Have a seat while I give Johnny a tour.”

She plopped into a chair as Johnny sulked along behind me. I unlocked the door to a classroom layered with filth.

Johnny snorted: “I’m leaving.” He tried, but the door was locked.

“Check out your classmates, Johnny. They’re in the book closet.”

I pointed to a door, which he opened. Bones clattered out. A lone eyeball rolled across the floor to his feet.

“My favorite pupil!” I sighed.

“Who are you?” Johnny gasped. “The point, Johnny, is not who--but where--is your life going?”

“Don’t know, man.”

“That’s why you need night school, Johnny. I’m here to help you.”

“By killing me?” He stepped backwards into a shelf. Books exploded into dust. “I don’t want to be another bone in your collection.”

* * * * *

I gently shook his mother’s sleeping form. She blinked.

“Our tour is finished,” I said, “Johnny’s decided not to drop out.”

Johnny nodded. His mother’s smile was radiant as she hugged her son. They left my office hand in hand.

* * * * *

In my classroom, you can learn or you can die. Life is simple, and death is easy, so it’s a tough choice. But you need to decide before you enroll, because it gets to be a long night..

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