Recurring Water and Series Dreaming
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Hi Christine,

Here’s kind of a general question about my dreams. I wake up every morning remembering my dreams from the night before. If I wake up in the middle of the night—and usually do—when I go back to sleep, I will pick up where I left off. It’s like watching movies—extremely detailed with plots and lots of people (not always ones I even recognize). What’s that about?! Sometimes there’s music and usually color. They seem to have a beginning, middle and end, if I can stay in bed long enough to finish.

Then another will begin. Movie marathons! And like movies, I tend to remember them for days afterwards, sometimes forever (my brain is overloaded!) and the creepy or unsettling ones will hang on a long time, even though I try to put them out of my head.

But, my real question is the fact that almost every night my dreams will feature water in some way or form. (It’s usually a body of water, usually large and not always the same body of water. It could be an ocean, like the Gulf of Mexico (where I grew up). Sometimes it’s a lake, or a large river. Sometimes I’m in the water, sometimes not. Sometimes it’s calm, but not always. It’s been blue, or green, or almost black. It’s been crystal clear, too.

Sometimes it’s just a puddle or a swimming pool. I think it’s probably just a symbol of my life in general, or some particular problem I might be having at the moment. Those are my ideas. I’m looking forward to hearing yours.


Liquid Dreams

Dear Liquid,

Excellent questions! Picking up in a dream where we leave off means that the subconscious is intent on relating a message. If you’re interrupted before the visit is complete, the messenger is persistent. I’ve experienced this ‘to be continued’ phenomenon too, and it just confirms that dreams are not the meaningless mental garbage that some theories suggest. There is a school that believes that we do not dream in colors —yet you have (and so have I). Colors represent moods or emotions. Detailed story lines represent the core of the message, the music sets the background or mood and unfamiliar faces are simply aspects of ourselves (or those who are important to us) that we have yet to uncover. Unsettling dreams are notorious for hanging on for too long—I suspect they overstay their welcome to make sure that their message gets home.

Water is a common theme in my dreams, too. It represents mood, emotion and spirituality. And your ideas are right on. The nature of the water literally represents what’s going on in your life at the time: rough seas = a bumpy ride, rivers = movement, calm blue waters = peace, green waters = growth, puddles = small worries, dark or cloudy waters = uncertainty; and crystal clear waters = smooth sailing.

And on that note, I thank you for sharing and wish you many nights of crystal clear waters.


(Please keep in mind that dreams speak to us through symbols and phrases and I interpret using these symbols as guides. When pondering any interpretations, the dreamer should always consider the more personal meanings the symbols in their dreams may have for them. If you have any dreams you would like me to interpret, email me at All queries will be kept anonymous. Sweet dreams.

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