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See Jane Lead is a book on CD packed full of strategies to help women lead effectively. Frankel points out that women have a natural talent for the type of leadership needed today. Billy Jean King, Hillary Clinton, Debbie Fields, Mother Theresa, and Margaret Thatcher are just a few of the women Frankel sees as good leaders. For this book, Frankel interviewed women whom she considered to be effective leaders. They all contained certain qualities, including the ability to motivate others, the skill to build relationships, and the talent to get people to follow them. They also had to pass Frankel’s beer test. (Would she want to sit down and have a beer with this person?)

Frankel provides inspiring stories and practical tips for improving a woman’s ability to lead. She breaks down these qualities into the following categories: strategic versus tactical, risk taking, influence, coaching, team building, emotional intelligence and likability, and for the entrepreneur. The bonus CD contains a self assessment that can be completed prior to listening to the CD, so the listener knows what areas she needs to focus on. Frankel does not focus on the mistakes women make, or tell the listener that she has to be mean to get things done; nor does she tell her to be a “nice girl.” She offers advice such as providing a headline with three supporting points to express an opinion on something—and then asking if the audience needs more information. Or combine a declarative statement with an inclusive statement (express your opinion, but open things up to the group to get their feedback). Or use vivid words to make a verbal picture if you’re making an emotional appeal.

The bonus CD also includes additional worksheets, such as a model for giving behavioral feedback, a worksheet to help the listener prepare for a coaching session, and a breakdown of how to spot different types of people and how to influence them effectively.

This book is not only inspiring—it’s practical. It gives 99 tips on how to lead effectively. Some are quick tips that can be put into practice quickly. Others recommend reading other books on the subject, such as The Emotional Intelligence Quick Book. It’s not often that I come across a resource that I can say I wouldn’t add anything to, but that’s definitely the case here. It covers more than I expected it to. And it’s something that I can listen to over and over again and get better and better. Frankel says that this book is for any woman—not just a CEO—because we all lead (or need to lead) in one situation or another. I strongly agree (especially given my current situation as a stay-at-home mom.) I’d definitely recommend this book to any woman.

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