The Quickie Review
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It was supposed to be just a quickie—a one-time thing to get even with her husband for cheating on her. And one time is all it turned out to be—because her lover is murdered in the parking lot of his apartment complex as she witnesses it from his bedroom window.

NYPD cop Scott Thayer is found dumped in a river, and the department thinks it has something to do with his undercover work. The death of a policeman is horrible enough, but it’s even worse for Lauren, because she believes her husband killed Scott in the heat of rage. But motives aren’t what they seem, and her first instinct may not be as accurate as she suspects.

Putting her career and her life on the line, Lauren covers up the evidence—and if she can’t erase it, she tampers with it until it can’t lead back to her husband. As she gets in deeper and deeper, things start to roll out of control, and a drug dealer ends up dead for a crime he didn’t commit. Worst of all, Lauren might just be protecting a man she really doesn’t know at all, but she’s determined to keep her marriage together and move on with life in any way she can.

Oh, boy—this is one heck of a ride! Right from the beginning, readers are slammed with a plot development that’s sure to leave your mouth hanging open in surprise. And the surprises just keep on coming. There are many things that Mr. Patterson can do, but disappoint isn’t one of them. With the help of his talented co-writer, Michael Ledwidge, The Quickie is simply the best suspense thriller I’ve read to date.

Your heart will race through this tangled maze of twists and turns, bringing you a thriller like no other. And though Lauren gets way left of the law, you’ll love her anyway—and you’ll understand her when she wonders if all men are legally insane. Don’t plan on doing anything else once you start The Quickie—because you’re not going to want to stop reading until you know how it ends.

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