Moyo (Heart and Soul) Review
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This, mostly instrumental, disc is an incredible fusion of perfectly balanced sounds, passionately rendered, serene and effortlessly intricate. There are so many delightfully exotic influences laced in here that it’s almost impossible to categorize.

Matsui composed every piece on this album, and the entire work is heartbreakingly brilliant and instantly familiar, like meeting someone new that immediately feels like an old friend. There is no one “signature” sound here. Some tracks are reminiscent of John Coltrane’s work, others remind me of Stanley Jordan. Some songs have a steamy Latino flair; there are some deliriously upbeat calypso rhythms and sizzling African beats.

It opens with the title track, a soulful piece with gorgeous piano stylings and some scant, but extremely unique vocals. “An Evening in Gibraltar” is wonderfully danceable and features a dynamic horn section and a sexy Spanish accent. “When I Close My Eyes” makes me feel like I’m walking through a rainforest.

Keiko Matsui can work those keys like magic and could easily steal the spotlight. Instead she shares it generously with her remarkably talented band. This makes for an absolutely legendary piece of work with a little bit of something for absolutely everyone.

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