Area Teenager Spends Exciting Evening Cruising The Strip
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NEW ROGERSBURG, PA Sixteen-year-old Alexander Clemins spent this past weekend taking part in a summertime ritual that has occupied the free time of New Rogersburg teenagers for the last three hundred years or so. It began on Friday night when, at approximately 6:09, Clemins borrowed his father’s Monte Carlo and drove it to his friend Goober’s house. From there, he and Goober (whose parents still call him Rob) headed over to Weiler’s house. And that’s when the real action began.

The three teenagers took the Monte Carlo to Taylor Avenue, which is the beginning of what New Rogersburg residents call The Strip. Friday night, the three were fortunate enough to have the car, so they drove down Taylor, the stereo turned up so everyone could hear that they listen to the Cool Radio Station. They would frequently pause to scream intelligent comments—such as “Hey Ladies!” and “WOOOOOOOOO!!!!”—at groups of girls who had been unable to convince their parents to let them borrow the car. To these calls, the girls often responded by giggling and looking the other way.

The three then turned left by Cookie’s Ice Cream Stand and followed Miller Street as it curved around to meet Taylor Avenue. While on Miller Street, the three teenagers listened to loud music and screamed at the girls on the street. Every once in a while, they would pause in their girl-screaming to hurl insults at rival groups of teenage boys who were not so fortunate as to be driving their father’s Monte Carlo.

Clemins, along with Goober and Weiler, then turned onto Taylor Avenue again, where they screamed at the same girls, who then giggled and looked away.

After driving the same route for approximately three hours—which was approximately 200 trips around The Strip, Clemins realized that the gas tank was almost empty, so they left. He dropped Goober and Weiler off at their respective homes and brought the Monte Carlo back home.

While Goober and Weiler were both unable to cruise on Saturday night—due to family events—Clemins managed to borrow the car again and cruise The Strip by himself for another two hours.

When his parents asked him how his weekend was, Clemins replied, “Cool.”

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