Innocence Review
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In crime fiction, when a cop is murdered or attacked, the police department always wants to make someone pay. They don’t care who it is, as long as someone goes to prison—even if they have to frame an innocent man to make it happen.

Vincente Salazar has spent the last fifteen years in prison for shooting Officer Madeline Steele, putting her in a wheelchair for the rest of her life. But Salazar didn’t shoot her. He was nowhere near the alley they found her in—or so he claims. His fingerprints are on the gun, and Madeline identified him as her attacker. Plus, he was in the country illegally at the time, facing deportation. Sounds like a powerful motive to me.

Freelance attorney Scott Finn takes on the case with reluctance, but when he talks to Salazar, he becomes convinced that the man may just be innocent. Someone doesn’t want him out of prison, and they’re willing to kill to make sure he stays there. Suddenly, Scott finds himself working on a dangerous case, with ties to one of South America’s most notorious gangs, putting himself in danger, as well as his friends who work for him—Tom Kozlowksi, a retired cop turned investigator and Lissa Krantz, a young, foul-mouthed intern.

David Hosp has become one of my new favorite authors. He’s one of the few who can pull off a legal thriller without bogging you down in legalese. He keeps you riveted to the page as the plot unfolds.

With a combination of likeable characters, a captivating plot, and hold-your-breath suspense, Innocence is one dynamite story. It leads you into blind alleys, around curves, and across mountains in your mind, plunging you down the other side in a harrowing ride of apprehension and intrigue. And then, just when you begin to believe in Salazar’s innocence, Mr. Hosp throws another gorilla on the boat.

David Hosp is the author to look for in legal thrillers. I haven’t read one this good since John Grisham.

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