The Banshee’s Song Review
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Talia Vann is the last surviving member of the wolf council. Born over 900 years ago, she’s one of the most powerful werewolves in existence. It’s a good thing she uses her power to protect the humans instead of to hurt them.

When she’s not searching for the scepter, an object that can be used for great evil in the wrong hands, Talia runs a preternatural detective agency called Night’s End. When something in the supernatural world runs amok, her agency is hired to hunt it down and eliminate it.

Her latest case involves a banshee who has attached itself to a family to warn them of impending death. She screams outside their homes for three days before death strikes.

Something nasty and vicious is exacting revenge on an Irish family, and it’s harder than heck to kill. Since one of the victims was engaged to the mayor’s daughter, the chief of police is riding Talia to solve the case in a hurry. He’s even treating her with a little more respect than normal—even though the police force and preternatural creatures aren’t famous for getting along well.

Elsewhere, Talia’s friend and employee, Cara, is being stalked by the powerful vampire who made her, and Talia isn’t at all sure that Cara is strong enough to go up against him and win. But another vampire helps Cara—a vampire who knows Talia on a personal level.

While investigating the banshee deaths, the hunt for the scepter—the object responsible for Talia’s creation—goes on. It’s now in the hands of a human named Eerek who uses its power to unleash evil to keep Talia occupied and to prevent her from hunting for the scepter or for him. Talia must someday find the scepter and destroy it—even if it destroys her along with it.

No matter how many werewolf and vampire novels I read, I never seem to get tired of them, especially if they’re as terrific as The Banshee’s Song. With her impressive story-telling abilities, Ms. McBryar took me out of this world, and I got lost in the tale unfolding before me for hours on end.

Talia Vann is a perfect mixture of a kick-butt heroine and compassionate soul. All of the characters are unique—imagine a vampire who’s squeamish around blood and an alpha male werewolf who would prefer not to kill if he can find another solution.

Ms. McBryar’s work is a cross between Anita Blake Vampire Hunter and the television series Supernatural. If you like either (or both), you’ll love anything written by this talented newcomer. She’s definitely an author to keep a look out for. I expect even greater things from her in the future.

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