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The only thing Annabelle Granger has known in her life is fear—yet she doesn’t know what or who she’s supposed to be afraid of. Several times, as a child, she’d arrive home from school and see five suitcases sitting on the living room floor—then her father would pack them off to a new city, in the latest “rust bucket,” with new identities.

Annabelle’s father enrolled her in karate classes, taught her how to fight back if ever abducted, and how not to be abducted. Her father was seriously paranoid—or was he? What had him so scared that he would uproot his family every few years?

Then, one day, Annabelle watches the news and finds out she’s dead.

Detective Bobby Dodge is invited to help out on a Boston PD case involving the wet mummification of six female children discovered on the grounds of a closed-down mental institution. The case bares a striking resemblance to one he worked a few years ago. One of the victims is wearing a locket with the name Annabelle on it, but Annabelle just walked through the doors of police headquarters and announced that she’s alive and well—and that the locket belongs to her. The story she tells them is bizarre, but if they find out what happened to her family, they just might find the killer.

Wow! Hide is one marvelous piece of fiction. Ms. Gardner has written a thriller that’ll send chills racing up and down your spine. And just when you think you have the puzzle unraveled, you’re forced to reevaluate everything you know or thought you knew.

I loved everything about this book—from the clever plot to the fabulous characters. I picked up Hide and couldn’t stop reading. I even read it while waiting for a chat buddy to respond to me in Yahoo Messenger—because Ms. Gardner is that good. If you’ve never read any of Lisa Gardner’s thrillers, please do yourself a huge favor and treat yourself to Hide.

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