What’s Yours Like? Review
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Players: 4 (ages 10+)
Playing Time: 30-45 minutes

“Mine symbolically represents my mom’s language,” my son blurted out. What a liar! Fortunately, his dad didn’t guess it from that clue. The guess word was “toilet.”

What’s Yours Like? is a fun, fast-paced game, where the object is for the player in the Hot Seat to figure out the Guess Word in the fewest number of clues. The rest of the players are expected to give clues that are truthful (as opposed to the example above) but clever enough to confuse the player in the Hot Seat.

The Guess Words come from a deck of double-sided cards. The orange side contains items that older kids could guess or relate to—such as “nose” or “bathroom floor.” The purple side contains items that they may not have, or are more difficult—such as “work attire” or “sense of humor.” Since our teens would never guess such items as “linen closet,” we only played with the orange side. However, for adults it would be fun to play with both sides. Though none of the words are provocative, that’s not to say that a player’s clues may not be. Some blank cards are even included, so you can add your own words to the game.

To begin, the one in the Hot Seat asks players in clockwise rotation, “What’s yours like?” One guess is allowed per clue, and the player in the Hot Seat writes the clue down on an erasable board that’s included with the game.

The clues given for each word must pertain to the person giving the clue, thus answering the question, “What’s yours like?” For example, if the Guess Word was “Favorite Breakfast Food,” my daughter could say, “cookies.” It would be truthful, though difficult to guess. This continues until the player in the Hot Seat guesses the word. Then count up the number of clues given on the board, and that’s that player’s score.

There are also quite a few Challenge Cards in the deck. When one such card is picked, the player in the Hot Seat challenges another player to guess the next word card. The first player to guess the word gets two points deducted from his or her score.

Play continues until everyone has had a turn in the Hot Seat. The player with the lowest score after a predetermined number of rounds wins the game.

Initially, my teens rolled their eyes when I suggested that we play a game together. However, once we started playing, our sides were aching from laughter. Even if you don’t have teenagers, What’s Yours Like? will provide a lively and entertaining evening for everyone.

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