Bootlegger’s Bride Review
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On dangerous, moonlit nights, during the vintage age of the 1920s, men ran shine from one state to another, keeping one car length ahead of the revenuers. Easy money if you didn’t get caught—and didn’t get killed.

When Aidan Palmer returns to Bryeton, North Carolina, with a brand new car instead of a seminary education, his preacher dad isn’t pleased. In fact, he goes so far as to kick his son out of the house. Needing to make some money, Aidan falls right into the hands of Frank Sharpe. Frank convinces Aidan to run shine for him. At first, it’s just an easy way to bring in needed cash, but then he runs into Grace McAfee Currie, the woman who broke his heart by marrying another man. He still has the Celtic brooch she gave him before she left, and that brooch—and running shine—might just be the ticket back into her heart.

Grace has been under her brother’s political thumb for too long. She lost her husband in the war, and Judge Eldridge McAfee has lined up another husband for her. But she won’t marry another man she doesn’t love to further her brother’s career, especially now that Aidan Palmer has returned—the one and only man she has ever loved.

In order for Aidan and Grace to win their freedom and be together, they must play a dangerous game with her crooked brother—a game that involves a treacherous run between Bryeton and the outskirts of Charlotte, which might just get Aidan killed.

Ms. Kindall takes an age that, at first glance, doesn’t seem all that interesting, and she weaves an unforgettable, un-put-down-able story. I’ve grown to love the vintage age through this author’s skillful imagination. She brings every aspect of the 1920s to life—the sights, the sounds, and even the smells. She writes her characters almost as if she’s lived among them and knows exactly how they would act or react in different situations.

At the heart of Bootlegger’s Bride is a gentle love story—two people who fight for each other and for a happy future together. And they’ll do whatever it takes to win. Love is all that matters—and love does not die an easy death.

Bootlegger’s Bride is the fourth in the Legacy of the Celtic Brooch series. Thirteen authors were handpicked by The Wild Rose Press to put their imagination to work and write a story around the heirloom. If you collect all thirteen stories, you get thirteen chances at winning an actual Celtic Brooch. Now who says number 13 is unlucky? And if the rest of the stories are as good as Marty Kindall’s Bootlegger’s Bride, you’ll have a pleasurable trip collecting all of them.

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