Twisted Tails II: Out of Time—Volume Two Review
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The Twisted Tails gang is back with a whole bunch of quirky new stories about time travel, which promise to scramble what little sanity you might have left after reading earlier volumes in this popular anthology.

You’ll embark on a trip like no other as you delve into these ten tales from today’s brightest and best science fiction and fantasy authors. Below is a sample of what you’ll get in Twisted Tails II: Out of Time—Volume Two.

“The Thing Most Precious” by K.L. Nappier: Dean wants in on Katie’s little deal with her sugar daddy. His lust for it—as well as his threats of blackmail—gets him included, but some deals are unpredictable.

“Two Birds with One Stone” by Margaret Whitley: Dub, a suicidal man, returns to the past to save his mother from a drunken wife-beater, but it just might mean erasing himself out of existence.

“Devil’s Triangle” by Marilyn Peake: Sail outside the Bermuda Triangle—a.k.a. Devil’s Triangle, The Hoodoo Sea, The Limbo of the Lost, and The Twilight Zone—and hunt for lost ships with a gang of researchers. Who can resist the mysteries of the sea? I certainly can’t!

“Ten Minutes” by Anderson Gentry: You can’t manipulate the space-time continuum all that much with four double-A batteries—or can you? You’ll read about the hilarious results when a genius starts messing around with a time-traveling machine the size of a TV remote control.

I had a blast reading the creative stories in Twisted Tails II: Out of Time—Volume Two. Each author brings a unique blend of imagination to each of the time travel stories included in this collection. If time travel is your first love in the world of fiction, snag this volume, along with Twisted Tails, also compiled and edited by J. Richard Jacobs. Each short story is great for a snack in between meals of science fiction and fantasy novels.

Ed. Note: To find out more about Twisted Tails II: Out of Time—Volume Two, visit Double Dragon Publishing.

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