Girl Hides, Can’t Be Found
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WAUSAU, WI Five-year-old Emma Fields considers yesterday a huge victory. Because yesterday, she conquered the game of hide and seek.

Emma was at home yesterday afternoon under the care of her big brother, Jared, when she decided that she needed to play a game.

“Jaaaaaaaareeeeeeed! Let’s play a game!” she whined as she poked her brother, who was lounging on the couch.

“Emma… I’m busy,” was the reply.

“But Jaaaaaaaareeeeeeed…! I’ll tell Mom…”

Slightly concerned by the threat, Jared decided to give in. “I have an idea… Let’s play hide and seek! You hide first.”

“YEAH! Okay. Count to 100.” And with that, his little sister ran off to hide. He closed his eyes and began to count loudly—until Emma left the room.

Jared continued to watch TV for a while—until he figured it was about time to finish counting. “Ready or not, here I come!” he called. He heard a muffled giggle coming from Emma’s room, but he just stayed where he was sitting.

After a few minutes had passed, Jared got up to look around. Emma wasn’t in the cupboard, but he did find some potato chips, so he took them along with him. “Hey Emma! Where’d you go?” he shouted. He looked in the refrigerator, but she wasn’t there. There was, however, a can of Mountain Dew. So he took that, too.

Then he returned to the couch—and to his TV show—joined by a bag of chips and a Dew.

A while later, he got up again to do some more searching. “EMMA?” he called. She was definitely not in the bathroom. After that search, he was pretty tired, so he decided he should sit down on the couch for a while.

After about an hour, Jared saw their mother’s car pull into the driveway. He walked toward Emma’s room and called, “Okay, you win! I give up. I can’t find you.”

And Emma emerged from her super-secret hiding place—in her closet—to claim her victory.

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