Treasures of the Caribbean: Reggae Gold 2007 Review
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This is a colorful, steamy and danceable collection of fine young reggae mixed with a splash of hip hop and flavored with an interesting variety of styles.

It opens with Sean Paul’s “Watch Them Roll.” Paul’s striking vocal stylings, along with a nice catchy melody, make for a perfect hook. Next up is the absolutely kicking (Blackout) remix of M.I.M.S.’s “This is Why I’m Hot,” featuring Cham and Junior Reid. This is an absolutely stellar song. I wouldn’t exactly categorize it as reggae but, since it hit number one on the Billboard charts last March, I suppose it was a wise business decision to include it. “Top Shotta Nah Miss” by Mavado has a unique bridge and a strong rhythm section. Munga’s “Bad from Mi Born” has an extraordinary mix of sounds – imagine reggae blended with electronica undertones. “Bring It” by Elephant Man has a great beat and gritty vocals. Buju Baton’s “Bobby Reds” has some sweet horn stylings. This one is lighthearted, balmy and perfect for dancing. “Brooklyn and Jamaica” by Morgan Heritage is an energetic (but somewhat dark) track about life in the streets. But the mood soon lifts with Jah Cure’s “Sticky.” This one is rich with gorgeous vocal harmonies and nice percussion. “Hide Away” by Tessane is an interesting listen. It features a distinctively reggae beat and some lovely (but not so Jamaican sounding) vocals. It conjures images of say Norah Jones covering Bob Marley. “More Woman” by Shaggy wraps things up nicely. This one is mostly percussion and vocals - and it’s extremely danceable.

An enormously fun bonus DVD is included, featuring clips on the four-day cover shoot, interviews with some of the artists, the trailer (“Made in Jamaica”) and an enticing feature on Kingston’s night life. It’s a virtual tropical vacation packed with plenty of eye candy for girls and boys.

If you’re expecting all reggae, you may be disappointed, but if you’re in the mood for a playful yet sizzling mix, Reggae Gold 2007 will surely fit the bill.

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