Messenger of Truth Review
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Itís 1931 London, where Maisie Dobbs combines investigative techniques with psychology to solve crimes. Getting to know a personís mind is an important part of her work; itís where she draws the most clues to crack even the most baffling cases.

Nicholas Bassington-Hope returned from the Great War and told his story, and those of his fellow soldiers, through his paintings. On the eve of an exhibition of his work at the Mayfair Gallery, he plunges to his death from the scaffolding he uses to help place his paintings on the wall. The police believe he got careless, and they rule his fall an accident. But Nicholasís sister refuses to believe that.

When the police close the case, Georgina Bassington-Hope turns to Maisie Dobbs for help in finding out what truly happened to her brotheróbecause Nicholas is never careless when it comes to hanging his art.

Maisie takes the job with reservationsóbecause little evidence points toward it being anything other than an accident. And something about Georgina doesnít set right with Maisie. Her client isnít telling her everything, and thatís never good. But, since the police have something of their own to hide, Maisie starts digging into matters that might get her silenced forever.

Maisie Dobbs is one of the most kind-hearted, smartest, and toughest private investigators Iíve ever read. She can solve cases without the help of forensic expertsóin her time, they didnít existóbut she doesnít need them anyway.

Since Messenger of Truth is the fourth in the Maisie Dobbs series, you might feel a little confused or out of the loop when something from her past or a previous case is mentioned. Easily fixable! Start from the beginning of the seriesóbecause Iím positive youíll like it.

Ms. Winspear has penned not only a profound whodunit, but sheís blended it with social and political injustices of the time after the First World War. Youíll be hard-pressed to find another chic, clever, in-depth mystery of this caliber.

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