The Demonís Eye Review
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Centuries ago, the Goddess Danu created a scepter and poured vast amounts of magic into itómagic that can drive its keeper to insanity. Danu grew to fear her creation and gave it to her sister, Macha, the goddess of battle, hoping to gain protection. Macha fell under the madness of the scepter, became paranoid, secluded herself from the world, and created werewolves as her bodyguards against the tainted thing.

Luccad, leader of the werewolves, then stole the scepter and imprisoned Macha in limbo. A goblin overthrew Luccad, a sylph overthrew the goblin, and then it fell into the hands of Eerek, a malevolent human. And to make things worse, the scepter made Eerek immortal.

Now itís up to Luccadís daughter, Talia Vann, to find the scepter and destroy it. In the meantime, she also has to protect humans from rogue vampires, wolves, and any number of preternatural creatures, including nasty demons.

Talia established the Nightís End detective agency, and along with her companionsótwo vampires and a werewolfóshe hunts the evil that stalks the night. Sheís called to North Carolina to hunt an unmerciful, vile demon that leaves entire families dead in its bloody wake. Itís a case that nearly destroys her friends and co-workers, and it brings Talia to her knees.

Ms. McBryar has the natural ability to create tough, compassionate characters and make them believable. Most authors canít find that crucial balance in their characters, but Ms. McBryar seems to write it so effortlessly. Though this is her first novel, and it does have a few rough spots, itís still un-put-down-able. The plot pulls you in with the first sentence, and it continues to captivate until the end. And since itís a short novel, you can read it in just one afternoon.

The Demonís Eye is the first book in the Nightís End Preternatural Detective Agency series, and I must say itís a good start to what Iím sure will become one of the most sought after paranormal series of the decade.

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