Finding Father Christmas Review
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Miranda Carson, the illegitimate daughter of a small-time actress, leads a lonely existence. After her mother’s early demise in a theatre staging accident, a young Miranda is sent to live with her mother’s friend, Doralee. Doralee does what Miranda’s mother never did—she acknowledges that Miranda has a father, and she actively searches for him until her death. Alone in the world and armed with only a few clues, Miranda’s quest to find her father leads her to a family in England. Here she must decide whether to reveal a truth that will change many lives forever. Compounding matters is Miranda’s struggle with her faith in God.

Robin Jones Gunn pens a refreshing story about faith and belief in God without getting too preachy. Miranda Carson is a character with whom one can easily identify; she’s not rich, famous, or special. She could be anyone. The other supporting characters (though they’re sometimes maybe just a tad too nice) are also likeable and believable without being sappy.

I haven’t read a novella in years, but I hear they’re back in vogue. I read Gunn’s novella all in one night because I was so drawn to the characters, the story, and Gunn’s writing style. Finding Father Christmas is a thoroughly enjoyable read—one that would make a nice gift during the holiday season.

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