Poems from the Heart Review
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Poems from the Heart was written to inspire and give hope to those who are struggling with trials and tribulation. Life has a way of getting scrambled and broken down, often leaving you depressed and wondering if youíll ever heal from the harshness life throws at you. This collection of poetry speaks to every situation you might encounter in your journey through this world from temptation to spiritual growth.

In this collection, Ms. Hoggs-Jackson covers matters such as losing someone special, a mixed up life, losing hope, depression, dating, forgiving and forgetting the past, going through the fire of trials and tribulations, adversity, and Godís healing power.

Itís good to know there are others who still worship God through song and poetry. Though these poems arenít necessarily great literary pieces, they are simple and from the heart of a woman who loves God and His children. Your day will be uplifted, and your burdens lightened by these poems. They teach you how to overcome difficult situations by looking to God for answers.

Iím sure Iíll pull this collection out in the future just to have a light of positivism thrown onto my pathóand to be reminded that God is peace in the midst of any storm.

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