My Biker Bodyguard Review
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Jess Owen was raised by bikers most of her life. She never knew her mother, and she tries to forget that she ever had one. However, thoughts of abandonment continue to haunt her. After dreadful years in foster care, her father, an ex-con who’s now clean and sober, obtained custody. Now, at twenty-two, she’s still with her dad, better known as Dirty Dan, spending her days working as a tattoo artist at his motorcycle shop/tattoo parlor in Milwaukee.

A clean-cut, well-built stranger comes to the shop, claiming to be an old friend of her father. Dirty Dan welcomes him, but this guy, Mitch, isn’t the biker type, and Jess knows there’s something these two are keeping from her. He proceeds to follow her everywhere—and so does the sexual chemistry. But Jess refuses to be kept in the dark. Dan won’t talk, so she finds another way to get to the truth.

She pulls Mitch into her 1967 Mustang and weaves in and out of traffic until she reaches her usual diner. As they dig into their pancakes, Mitch sees trouble. He slams her down to protect her as gunshots shatter the window. Why does someone want him dead? She soon learns that it’s not Mitch they want. It’s her. After all, she’s in line to inherit one hundred and fifty million dollars!

How could her drug-addicted mother be worth that much? Apparently, this is the fourth hit against one of her family members, and her mother is in a coma in a Los Angeles hospital. Mitch persuades her and the FBI that she’d be safer at her mother’s home (I mean, estate) in L.A. He and Jess board a plane, as she leaves Dirty Dan for the first time.

Bombshells explode as additional motives and suspects surface. If that isn’t enough, Jess is forced to deal with unresolved emotional issues—and the possibility that her father may have been keeping the truth from her.

My Biker Bodyguard is a great book for women who enjoy their action thrillers laced with intense romance and complete conflict resolution. The story is strong and fast-paced, and it kept my interest. However, the ending was a let-down. The main problem was that the author took great pains to develop most of her characters—except for Mitch. Since I didn’t know him, I really didn’t care what happened to him. Her fatal mistake, though, was to assume that her readers lacked any maturity or life experience. There could have been a number of other “happy endings” for Jess, but the one that the author chose seemed to take the least amount of thought. Or maybe she’s intentionally opening the door for a sequel, where the real-life conflicts will begin.

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