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Ms. Peake has compiled basic information for writers and actors into one volume, which includes articles from the first year of The Golden Goblet newsletter. Each author who contributed to this collection has been published or has worked in the film business, bringing their expertise to your computer in From Hollywood Experts and Published Authors: Words of Wisdom for Starving Artists.

Lincoln D. Bandlow, an attorney specializing in intellectual property law, and his wife, Natalie C. Bandlow, bring you extremely helpful information on copyright laws—something every author has questions about.

Jo Kelly, widow of Jack Kelly of the TV series Maverick fame, gives you insights on how to become a movie extra and what pitfalls and scams to avoid on your quest to work in the movie industry.

Michael J. Wallach, a personal manager who’s guided the careers of actors and other industry professionals for more than twenty years, sheds light on the differences between an agent and a manager and why you need both.

Peter Prellwitz covers Conventions or Cons—what they are, how to get invited, and what to do once you’re there.

Patricia Harrington tells a little bit about grants and opportunities for writers—where to look for them and how to get them.

The articles listed above are only a few of the interesting articles in this collection. Not only are the articles informative, but they’re also entertaining—nothing dry or boring here! This compilation is also filled with lots of links to help you learn more about any subject that’s covered within.

If you’re a starving artist looking for wisdom, From Hollywood Experts and Published Authors is a great place to start.

Ed. Note: To download a copy of From Hollywood Experts and Published Authors, visit Double Dragon Publishing.

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