Snake in a Box
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Dear Christine,

When I told my husband about this dream, we both laughed so hard we were in tears. It was so random and absurd. Mind you, I never saw the movie Snakes on a Plane. Anyway, here goes…

I was in this mass conglomerate store, you know the kind—cement flooring with random items placed next to each other in huge quantities, like motor oil next to cat food. Anyway, I was looking to buy a birthday gift for a young boy. I found a “toy” that was a snake in a box. The box looked like a cat carrier with a screen in the front. It was big with a handle on the top. The front had a circular cutout with a small screen across. The advertisement on the side was a crude drawing of a large snake with huge fangs and a long tongue sticking out of its mouth. The caption read “So life-like, you’ll swear it’s real!” I was sold.

As I was walking to the check out, the box started shaking and thumping. When I looked in through the screen, the snake was coming alive! I turned around and walked toward the baby/infant section and dropped the box on the floor in the middle of the aisle. I must have figured, “What better place to put this live killer snake than in the baby department?”

I proceeded to the customer service desk and told the manager about the “toy.” She asked me to bring the box to her, so I returned to the baby section, only to find the box mangled and empty. I thought, “Now we’ve got a crisis on our hands.” So I went back to the manager, and I told her that the escaped, larger than life, killer snake was on the loose. She directed me to the front of the store to alert security. She told me to tell them to immediately shut and lock the front doors. Because we definitely would not want this killer snake to get away from people, right?

As I was walking to the front of the store, the sliding doors opened and two men walked in. One was holding the machine gun and yelled “All right, nobody move! I have a man here next to me with a bomb strapped to his chest.”

So I approached the crazy man and said, “Sir, you don’t understand. I have to find security to tell them that there is a killer snake on the loose in this store.”

The crazy man looked at me like I had three heads. “Lady, you can’t be serious.” He replied, seemingly unconcerned.

Is he kidding me? This is just my luck. And that’s when I woke up laughing.

I hope you can figure this one out.


Dear Amused,

Oh my. I can’t help but wonder what Freud would think of this one.

The large store could represent a wealth of choices, or the answers to whatever question your dream is pondering. Shopping for a gift suggests that you have a very nurturing, loving nature. That this gift was for a young boy says that perhaps the question or issue involves a young man who you care about and whose life you wish to enrich.

Enter the snake. The snake can be a bit tricky. He’s been getting a bad rap since biblical times, and he can symbolize a couple of different things. He may represent mistrust or a need for escape. (I’d lean towards this theory, since he escaped the box). On the brighter end of the spectrum, he may signify forbidden sexuality, knowledge, and rebirth. (And I’d lean towards this one, since you dropped him in the baby department.)

Come to think of it, between the young boy having a birthday and the snake getting out of control, I’m seeing a young man that you care deeply about growing up (probably a bit too quickly, as most kids do). Naturally, you have apprehensions about what he will encounter along that journey. And the guy with the bomb strapped to his chest is telling you that this one is (for the most part) out of your hands. Finally, you’re laughing over it because, deep down, you know he’ll be just fine.

Thanks so much for sharing your dream. I hope this helps.

Peace and Love,

(Please keep in mind that dreams speak to us through symbols and phrases and I interpret using these symbols as guides. When pondering any interpretations, the dreamer should always consider the more personal meanings the symbols in their dreams may have for them. If you have any dreams you would like me to interpret, email me at All queries will be kept anonymous. Sweet dreams.)

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