The Sundered Stone Review
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On the streets of Dere, an unseen world exists around the humans—that of the seelie and unseelie fae. The faelings are half human and half fae, and they can walk in both worlds. A battle rages around them, and they must fight for their survival in a war fraught with lies and magic—a battle that none of them wants.

Pook has lived his life on the streets. He has no idea how to become the prince of the unseelie fae that everyone is expecting him to be—but he must if he wants to have any hope of winning the heart of the woman he loves. And in order to survive the coming battle, he’ll have to accept a burden he’s not sure he can carry—one that he doesn’t even want.

Alex is haunted by her past and terrified it’ll find her wherever she hides. She’s finally found a family with her Uncle Duncan and Mina—and possibly even a future with Pook. But the war in Dere threatens everything she’s ever wanted, including Pook, and her small bit of magic is no match for what’s coming.

Once again, I have to say goodbye to a cast of some of my favorite characters. The Sundered Stone is the third and final book in the Shadow Fae Trilogy. Ms. Corvidae’s characters are always likable. They’re as different from each other as the stars are from the sand on a beach, yet they have common ground and goals. And everything comes together in the end, in a plausible and satisfying way, staying true to characterization.

You’ll need to have read all the books in the Shadow Fae Trilogy to get the full impact of the story—and to cut down on confusion when Ms. Corvidae mentions an event or a character from the previous books. For instance, you may not know who George is or why the weird horse-like creature from the water speaks with his voice unless you’ve read Prince of Ash. But the entire trilogy is worth reading anyway.

The Sundered Stone is an excellent, character-driven, fast-paced fantasy. But it’s also a bit of a love story between Pook and Alex, lending tenderness to a plot that’s loaded with perils on every side. They fight against insurmountable odds to be together while trying to help those around them. You can’t ask for a better hero and heroine than that.

As always, I got caught up in the story—and when I looked up, hours had passed, leaving me with little time for sleep. But I don’t mind, because Elaine Corvidae is one of my favorite authors. I can’t wait to see what her imagination cooks up next.

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