90 Millas Review
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This is an exotic, tropical mix of Afro-Cuban rhythms with excellent vocals, outstanding musicianship and a generous amount of play time. 90 Millas is a heartfelt tribute to Estefan’s Cuban heritage featuring an impressive list of guests including Sheila E, Andy Garcia, Arturo Sandoval and Carlos Santana. All tracks here are original and (as you may have guessed) the lyrics are in Spanish. In other words, you’re bound to hear the word “corazon” a few times.

“Me Odio” is a nice opener, kicking off with some beautiful guitar and trumpet work. “No Llores” (“Don’t Cry”) is anything but melancholy. The copy that I got for review offered absolutely no credits and my online research proved fruitless. Nonetheless, I’m certain that this track features the distinctive and impeccable guitar stylings of Carlos Santana. I’d recognize that voice anywhere. “Píntame” is one of those tunes that makes it impossible to remain still, rocking an energy level straight through the roof. Estefan’s “Bésame” is not the version I’m used to, but it’s just as catchy with an absolutely gorgeous solo by some unnamed genius that plays a seriously mean and flawless flute. “Esperando (Cuando Cuba Sea Libre)” manages to be wistful and upbeat at the same time.

90 Millas is a strong, well-structured album packed with loads of talent and energy. The only thing you might miss is the credits.

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