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Amy Grant has been credited as being one of the pioneers of Contemporary Christian music which, according to my definition, is pop/rock music with a positive and upbeat message. While other Christian singers started out singing rock music and then bringing their message of faith to the mainstream, Amy Grant did it in reverse. After years of singing faith-filled songs, she did what no other artists had done in the mid-eighties - brought her message to the mainstream audience and crossed over onto the pop charts. This is where I picked up on Amy Grant's career and became (if not a devoted fan) a fan that kept tabs on her down through the years.

Every song on this greatest hits compilation has a positive and uplifting message, even the haunting and melancholy “I Will Remember You.” The first nine songs are her pop rock hits, including the duet with her husband, Vince Gill, “House of Love.” Though I'd never heard “Simple Things,” a song about believing in the simple things of life like a sunny day or a chit-chat at a café, it quickly became one of my favorites. Also included are “Baby Baby,” a song inspired by her daughter and “Every Heartbeat,” a song about true blue romantic love.

The last ten songs are from her Contemporary Christian music. I'd previously heard “Lead Me On,” which is about allowing God to lead you in the right direction, but I quickly fell in love with the rest of her songs of faith. “El Shaddai” blew me away with its strong worshipful lyrics. I found myself singing along with “Old Man's Rubble” with its fun beat as it asks you if you're listening to the father of lies or the Father of Light. “In a Little While” brought tears to my eyes as it reminded me we will all go home (to Heaven) in a little while, leaving behind this earthly strife.

If you enjoy Amy Grant as a pop/rock singer, you'll like this compilation. If you enjoy Amy Grant as a Contemporary Christian singer, you'll like this compilation. And if you're like me and enjoy Amy Grant as both a pop/rock and Christian musician, you will absolutely love this collection of Ms. Grant's 19 Greatest Hits. Her devoted fans get the best of both genres, and you're sure to keep the continuous play going for a long time on this one.

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