Buried Alive Review
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Years ago, in a remote desert cabin, a woman was buried alive—and rumors abound that a fortune in gold was buried with her. But those who come looking for the gold find nothing but trouble and terror brought on by a desert witch who’s looking for her talisman of protection and revenge.

A bunch of college students head out on a road trip to the cabin, which was once owned by Zane’s great-grandpa. Zane (Terence Jay) is curious about the gold, and he plans to search for it without letting his fellow classmates know. After all, he’s not doing too good in school, and he probably won’t graduate. He enlists the help of a nerdy guy named Phil (Germaine De Leon) to do research into his family’s history. But Zane’s cousin, Rene (Leah Rachel), knows he’s hiding something—and she knows he hasn’t been taking his meds.

Rene brings along two students, Julie (Lindsey Scott) and Laura (Erin Michelle Lokitz), who, as sorority pledges, have to be her slaves and do exactly what she tells them—no matter what. She also brings her boyfriend, Danny (Steve Sandvoss), who’s just out looking for a good time.

Once at the cabin, they encounter Lester (Tobin Bell of Saw fame), a creepy old pervert who tries to warn them about the cabin: don’t let the generator run out of gas, and don’t go outside after dark. The college students ignore his advice, making it easy for a vengeful ghost with an ax to come and chop them in half.

Right off the bat, I’m going to say that there are no surprises with characterization here. You have someone digging into something they shouldn’t (Zane), the bitchy girl (Rene), the blonde without a clue (Julie), the nerd (Phil), the bad boy/funny guy (Danny), the creepy guy (Lester), and the smart one (Laura). Although I did question Laura’s sanity when she ran down to Lester’s and back in the dark wearing nothing but cowboy boots, it was all a part of the sorority initiation—so I guess I should cut her some slack. She was, after all, my favorite character in the movie—and at least she seemed to have more sense than the rest of them.

Okay, I admit that Buried Alive is your typical cliché horror movie—complete with an eerie ghost running around chopping people up with an ax. But the storyline is both interesting and creepy. The sex (which is minimal) and violence aren’t the whole focal point of the plot, which makes this horror movie better than most. Buried Alive isn’t Oscar-winning material, but it’s not meant to be. It’s meant to scare and entertain—and it does.

Though I probably won’t watch Buried Alive again and again, I did enjoy it—and I’ll definitely watch it at least once or twice more before putting it on a shelf.

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