Stone Cold Review
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Lately, I’ve acquired an appetite for novels that typically only men would find interesting—espionage, political thrillers, military…and now Homeland Security and casino thrillers. And David Baldacci manages to hook me every time with his thrillers.

In Stone Cold, Harry Finn leads a triple life. He’s a devoted husband and a loving father, he works for Homeland Security finding holes in America’s security system, and he’s an assassin with his own agenda.

Annabelle Conroy conned casino king Jerry Bagger out of 40 million dollars because he murdered her mother as payback for a con that her father had pulled on Bagger years ago. Bagger can’t ignore the blow that Annabelle dealt him, so he’s hunting her down with revenge on his mind.

Oliver Stone, leader of a group called the Camel Club, makes plans to keep Annabelle safe—but his own past rises up and haunts him, putting him in the eye of a sniper’s target. And members of the club are being killed off one by one by someone with deadly skills.

Carter Gray wants to know who’s killing ex-CIA agents who were involved in a Russian/American spy fiasco. And he wants a body not a trial—because a trial would strain the relationship between Russia and America if Russia ever found out what really happened 50 years ago.

The line between the good guys and the bad guys is thin in Stone Cold. I can only hope that the CIA, Homeland Security, and the FBI don’t really work this way—because America’s security is in a heap of trouble if the good guys are all busy trying to kill each other. I know! I know! It’s only fiction—but Baldacci sure knows how to make it feel real.

At first, you may be overwhelmed by all the characters and all the action in Stone Cold, but as each piece of the puzzle falls into place, things start to make sense. Twists and turns, hidden agendas, and characters who aren’t what they seem will make your head spin—and you’ll wonder if Mr. Baldacci will be able to sort the mess out. But sort it out he does, with a cleverness that will blow your mind. David Baldacci is, without a doubt, a brilliant writer—and Stone Cold is a brilliant thriller.

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