Switchcraft Review
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Motherhood is not for the faint of heart—and, apparently, neither is the single life.

Nely loves her husband and child, but sometimes she wishes she didn’t have the responsibility of a demanding 18-month-old, a husband, and a nosey mother-in-law. Plus her mother-in-law is straight out of hell. According to her mother-in-law, Nely is a lousy housekeeper and an unfit mother, and she’s not good enough for her husband. And to make things worse, Nely’s mother-in-law lives right next door, so she can meddle in their lives anytime she pleases.

Aggie is a chic, single woman who owns a boutique that caters to the rich and powerful—only she hasn’t made a profit in the past six months. She thinks she’s in love with her long-time friend, Kevin, but she can’t decide. She longs for what Nely has with her family, but she doesn’t really know why.

Aggie and Nely head off to a spa for a relaxing weekend away from the worries of business and life in general. At the New Age spa, they end up switching bodies—now Aggie is Nely, and Nely is Aggie. When they demand to be switched back, the guru tells them he can’t until the next full moon, when conditions will be better for casting magic and putting the best friends back into their rightful bodies. But the grumpy guru warns them the switch won’t work if they haven’t learned the lessons they’re supposed to learn from the experience.

A month spent away from her husband and child does not appeal to Nely at all, but Aggie assures her that everything will be fine. It’ll be great premarital training for Aggie and a much-needed break for Nely. What follows is both hilarious and touching as Aggie and Nely learn what it’s like to walk in each other’s shoes.

Switchcraft is an engaging and charming read. Perky and smart, these two characters will have you absorbed in their story as you wonder how on Earth they’re going to make it through a whole month in each other’s bodies. Ms. Castillo nailed motherhood on the head. It’s been over 17 years since I had small ones under my roof, but the memories came flooding back as Aggie struggled with a toddler during her month in Nely’s body.

I worried that Ms. Castillo wouldn’t be able to pull this plot off, but she did it beautifully and believably. Switchcraft is well worth your time. It leaves you with a memorable story that you’ll most likely come back to and read again. I know I will.

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