Devil Glass Review
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Martin Aster wants his wife and her lover dead, but he wants them to suffer first. So he has his pond drained with the intention of putting in a swimming pool—a pool where his cheating wife will be buried alive under the concrete. But when the workers dig up a strange-looking log with hideous faces carved into it, it throws a monkey wrench into his plans.

Joyce Robbins has lived a life of heartache. At age seven, she lost her parents to a drunk driver. Later, she lost the only man she’s ever loved to the Vietnam War. Still, she becomes a successful archeologist, working at a museum, specializing in ancient artifacts—plus, she’s about to take on a teaching job at the local college. She keeps her love life simple with no strings attached, and she’s as happy as she can be. Then one day a call comes in about a peculiar totem pole made of petrified wood and crystal. Her life is about to change—possibly for the worse.

Ralph Mason works as the night security guard at the museum in Lima, Ohio. He hates the nightshift because when he sleeps he has horrible nightmares about strange flying creatures that slash and rip at his flesh. He believes it’s because of the experiment he volunteered for while a Marine in the Vietnam War, but that may not be it at all.

After losing his best friend to the Vietnam War, Kim Lee has spent most of his time wandering the world, searching for his purpose in life. He ends up on a spiritual journey that reveals his true purpose. If he fails, mankind will be doomed.

Though I expected Devil Glass to scare me more than it did, I still found the characters and the plot fascinating—and well worth my time. The story starts slowly and builds to a climatic crescendo. As you’re reading, you can feel the pulse of something wicked coming. It hums beneath the surface of the plot, and it keeps you interested in what happens next.

Devil Glass is Mr. Cales’s first novel. Except for the occasional overuse of some words and phrases, his writing skills are solid, and his imagination is fascinating and unique. I expect great things to come from this talented author, and I look forward to reading more of his work.

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