All in Good Time Review
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Elizabeth Temple left Philadelphia looking for a new start in Bryeton, North Carolina. She wanted a place where it wasnít likely that sheíd have to deal with men and relationships. After all, how many available men can there be in a small town? She fled Philadelphia with a secretóa secret she hopes no one will ever discover. Her plan was to live out her life as a spinster schoolmarm with the gossipy old ladies at the McElroy Rooming House. But she didnít count on Jake Ryan and his son, Charlie, coming into her life and touching her heart.

Since his wife, Kay, walked out on him, Jake has struggled to keep his son happy and on a normal schedule. His family urges him to move on to someone new, and theyíve all got their eye on the pretty new first grade teacher. Jake just wants to be left in peace to raise his son, but he does have the sudden urge to hunt down Kay and get her to sign divorce papers. Maybe Elizabeth is getting to him more than he thoughtóand maybe itís time to move on with his life.

Bryeton is a small, fictitious town in North Carolina where the majority of Ms. Kindallís novels take place, so fans of Ms. Kindallís work will run into familiar characters. I couldnít help but grin when I ran across Ben Sheridan from The Knot in this novelóbecause Ben is one of my all-time favorite characters. Ms. Kindall has the knack for making all of her characters memorable. And the characters in All in Good Time are no exception. Iím sure Iíll remember Jake, Charlie, Elizabeth, and the gossipy old ladies at the McElroy Rooming House for a long time to come.

Captivating and full of heart, All in Good Time will take you back to the 1940s, when morals meant somethingóand youíll come away feeling good about reading a book thatís so refreshing and clean. The story pulled me in deep, as all of Ms. Kindallís novels do, and it didnít let go. She creates characters that you want to spend time withóand after reading it, youíll go back to revisit from time to time.

There arenít enough words in a thesaurus to describe how wonderful an author Marty Kindall is. Iíve never been disappointed in a single thing sheís written, and I donít believe I ever will.

Ed. Note: For more on author Marty Kindall, see Margaretís E-Author Spotlight.

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