Gods Behaving Badly Review
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Once upon a time—a long, long time ago—the gods enjoyed a regal existence on Mt. Olympus. They had an endless supply of power, and they could do whatever the wanted, no matter how pointless or vengeful or just plain evil. And, still, the entire world worshipped in their temples. But that was long ago. Now, things aren’t quite as majestic for the gods. Most of them live together, cramped in a run-down house outside London. They’re no longer worshipped, and they’re slowly losing their power. In order to get by, most of them have taken on side jobs. Artemis, for instance, is a dog-walker. Aphrodite runs a phone sex hotline. And Apollo hosts a psychic TV show.

But when a little act of godly revenge goes too far, it throws off the godly balance. Apollo falls madly in love with Alice, their plain, ordinary, mortal cleaning lady—and when she doesn’t return his affections, the repercussions could prove to be catastrophic. And in order to save the planet, the gods need to find a hero—but Neil, a timid engineer, may just have to do.

Gods Behaving Badly is a witty and imaginative tale that makes for a thoroughly entertaining read. If you’ve ever studied mythology, you’ll definitely be amused by Phillips’s creatively updated take on the ancient characters. With the Good Old Days still fresh in their minds, they’re angry and bitter about their current state. They hate the weakening of their powers, and they hate the way they live. Even Persephone, who used to flee her life in the Underworld each spring, stays later and later each year, preferring her royal life in the Underworld to her cramped, lowly existence on Earth. And Eros, Aphrodite’s son, has found God and given up on the whole thing altogether.

But Gods Behaving Badly is more than just a good idea. The story comes together well—with entertaining characters and an interesting plot that’s sure to keep you guessing. Though you may be able to predict how everything will turn out in the end, you’ll be amused and sometimes surprised to see the path the story takes as it makes its way to its grand conclusion.

Sometimes dry and witty and sometimes outrageously silly, Gods Behaving Badly comes complete with snappy dialogue and plenty of hilarious little details. So if you’re looking for a cure for the winter blahs, this light and clever little satire is a godsend.

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