Alien Siege Review
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An alien race known as the Kulku are dying from a disease, and they need human blood to make an antidote. They invade Earth and demand that eight million humans be sacrificed so their species might continue. At least 800,000 of those humans are expected to come from the United States, so the government sets up a lottery—and when your name is chosen, the military comes after you to enforce the law.

Dr. Stephen Chase (Brad Johnson) rebels when his daughter, Heather (Erin Ross), is chosen. Determined to rescue his daughter, he makes a deal with a militant group of soldiers who have been rescuing other “lottery winners.” He possesses some important and useful data from a project involving the Roswell Incident over fifty years ago—something they might use to even the odds against the Kulku.

Dr. Chase races against the clock as he fights the aliens and the military task force, headed by General Skylor (Carl Weathers), and tries to round up the chosen ones—because if he doesn’t rescue his daughter in time, she’ll either die or be sent through the Kulku wormhole with no possible way to get back.

Alien Siege opens in total chaos, shaky cameras and all. It conveys to the viewer that this is what a possible alien invasion might look like. If you can suspend your belief long enough, it’s a pretty scary scenario.

The best thing about these aliens is that they look just like us—except for their bleached eyebrows and a gray dot on their cheek, which is used as a communication device. Throughout the whole movie, I couldn’t help but wonder, though, why a race as technologically advanced as the Kulku couldn’t have come up with a subtler device for communication—maybe something implanted under the skin. However, I overlooked this snafu, since at least the aliens weren’t slobbering, drippy, gross creatures, resembling a giant bug or a sea creature. That was a major plus for me, earning this movie my respect.

I’m big on likable characters, so when too many of my favorite characters were killed off, I wasn’t very happy. Also, while the main character, Dr. Chase, wasn’t entirely unlikable, I would have liked him more if he hadn’t done a few too many stupid things—like repeatedly turning his back on an alien, only to get knocked unconscious for the trouble.

Still, though I’ve never been a big fan, I’m beginning to warm up to sci-fi movies, thanks to movies like this one. Alien Siege is filled with plenty of action, believable aliens, and a good plot, making it worth the watch. It’s an entertaining movie that keeps boredom at bay—and that’s a definite thumbs up on my end.

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