Floratone Review
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Floratone’s self-titled album offers up some very unique and groovy electronic jazz with a creative mix of sounds that encompasses almost every imaginable mood within its eleven tracks.

The title track opens it up with an intro featuring the rhythm section. This evolves into a feast of sublime guitar work laced with some playful horn stylings. “The Wanderer” is dark, yet beautiful, with lots of minor chords and some very passionate musicianship. “Mississippi Rising” is a brief piece with a distinctive southern accent and some lovely horn work. “The Passenger” is a lot like the aforementioned “The Wanderer,” with fewer minor chords and more focus on the drums and bass. My favorite track here is “Swamped,” which ends way too soon. This one has plenty of groove, a sweet danceable beat and a beautiful flow. “Louisiana Lowboat” is exotic and steamy enough to make you want to get down on the bayou. “The Future” is a lovely psychedelic jam with plenty of rich baritone.

The distinctive new age undertones laced throughout this album would make perfect background music for an intimate dinner, a leisurely Sunday drive or even some quiet meditation.

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