Nothing Like a Slacker
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Hey Christine,

I had the strangest dream the other night. I recently started a new job (in real life). In my dream, everyone in my new office would stop working every day at around mid-afternoon, and we’d all go into the library and play board games. We would play different games every day, but I remember that, at one point, we were playing the Game of Life. We got caught one day by a supervisor (no one that I recognized from the office) who reprimanded us for playing games during working hours. Naturally, this made us all a bit paranoid.

What do you suppose this could mean?


Dear Slacker,

The fact that you’re playing board games suggests that this job requires a certain amount of strategy. The Game of Life could symbolize that you’re in a position where you’re involved in making decisions that can affect people’s lives—perhaps the medical or legal profession. Usually other people in our dreams represent some aspect of ourselves, especially if they’re taking the position of an adversary.

Perhaps you’re feeling a little guilty about the enjoyment you get from your work? If that’s the case, please don’t. You’re one of the more fortunate.


(Please keep in mind that dreams speak to us through symbols and phrases and I interpret using these symbols as guides. When pondering any interpretations, the dreamer should always consider the more personal meanings the symbols in their dreams may have for them. If you have any dreams you would like me to interpret, email me at All queries will be kept anonymous. Sweet dreams.)

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