One Dead Lawyer Review
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David Price is a security escort, and he’ll keep you safe if you think your life is in danger. This time, his ex-wife’s best friend, Daphne, needs him to protect her son, Stanley. She thinks he’s mixed up in drug dealing with no safe way to get out. As David becomes deeper involved with Daphne, he begins to suspect that Daphne may need protection, too—from a lawyer, Randolph Peal, who’s running scams in order to collect car insurance payouts. Daphne wants out, but someone doesn’t trust her to keep her mouth shut.

Attorney Randolph Peal is involved with David’s ex-wife, Regina, and he plans to adopt their son, Chester, and give him the Peal last name when they marry. David is furious, so when the lawyer turns up dead, David is the prime suspect. As he unravels the mess he’s in, he tries to keep his cool and not give the police more reasons to suspect him. If he can’t figure out who murdered the lawyer—and what it has to do with insurance fraud—he may be the one to take the fall.

Tony Lindsay is a new voice in crime suspense and drama, and I believe he’s well on his way to being one of the best. David Price is a well-rounded character with faults and good traits that make him likeable. Making him a security escort was a unique move—something fresh and not overdone.

Though the story contains a lot of family drama, which I don’t normally like in a suspense novel, it seemed to work here—because Mr. Lindsay’s characters are interesting enough to hold your attention. Being a white girl from the South and reading about African American characters living in Chicago, I didn’t necessarily always relate to them, but there was never a dull moment.

One Dead Lawyer is fast-paced suspense with a few surprises that made me stop and say, Whoa! I will definitely read another David Price mystery, and I’m betting that Mr. Lindsay will only get better and better with each new novel. He’s one of those authors you’ll want to watch grow.

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