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New knitters always face the same challenge: getting beyond scarves. It’s just a little bit scary to take that step from a bunch of long, flat rectangles to projects that require shaping. But Rebecca Wat—in her new book, Knit Tricks!—makes the transition easier by showing new knitters how to take a boring old rectangle and turn it into something stylish and wearable.

Starting with nothing but rectangles, Wat presents 25 projects that are anything but plain and boring. In Knit Tricks!, rectangles become tops and shrugs and bags and vests (and, yes, a few scarves, too). And all you need are a few picked-up stitches…or a seam or two…or some other added details. The patterns are simple (they’re listed as beginner, advanced beginner, or easy), and the designs are straightforward. They may look complex (a bit like making an origami swan out of a flat piece of paper), but Wat provides plenty of illustrations to explain how everything comes together in the end. And if a pattern uses a new technique, it’s sometimes optional (like the lace edging on the Scarf Shrug). Or, for other techniques, Wat provides illustrated instructions at the back of the book.

Although the designs in this book are made out of a bunch of rectangles, they’re surprisingly hip and definitely wearable. Even though I’ve given up on wearing ponchos, I found Wat’s poncho designs to be pretty up-to-date. Most of them, in fact, are more wraps than they are ponchos. And although most of the tops aren’t really my style, I can definitely see myself wearing most of the shrugs. And the Convertible Vest/Bag (no kidding—it can be a vest or a bag!) is nothing less than brilliant.

So for beginners who are ready to take that first step toward fitted knitting, Knit Tricks! is just the thing. But Knit Tricks! isn’t just for bored beginners. After all, every knitter goes through knitting phases. There are times when you want nothing more than to tackle a challenging lace project. But there are other times when life is challenging enough, and you just need a little brainless knitting—a simple scarf or a baby blanket knit on big needles. Those are the times when you’ll reach for Knit Tricks!—because it offers relatively brainless knitting with stylish results.

So whether you’re a newbie who’s ready for something more—or a seasoned pro who just wants to relax with a simple project—Rebecca Wat’s Knit Tricks! provides a great collection of simple-yet-chic projects.

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