Scientists Still in Search of “It”
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WASHINGTON, D.C. Everyone talks about It, but no one really knows what It is. And it was for that reason that a special team of scientists at Georgetown University applied for a grant to carefully research the identity of It.

Head researcher Dr. Reginald M. Fitzgerald began his work three years ago. At that time, he began by searching for sources and tracking leads.

One day—just weeks after he began his research—he found his first clue. He was walking through campus when he heard an exclamation that brought tears to his eyes.

“Man, you definitely got It goin’ on!”

“I couldn’t believe it! I was so excited to find my first lead! That’s what first led me to track BJ Simon. Unfortunately, he didn’t seem to truly have It.”

Since then, Fitzgerald and his team have come up with very little information about It. He has found several people who definitely have something, though it ain’t It. And they’ve found some who may have had It once but have since lost It. Yet they still can’t be completely sure what, exactly, It is.

Fitzgerald has closely watched a number of subjects who apparently have got It, but he has yet to figure out what It is that distinguishes these people from those who don’t have It. Apparently, It takes all kinds.

Currently, Fitzgerald and his team are just trying to play It by ear, but they still just can’t seem to place their finger on It. “It’s on the tip of my tongue,” Fitzgerald says, “I can feel It in my bones.” He’s currently asking for assistance from people around the world. If anyone thinks they got It, Fitzgerald advises them to flaunt It.

Fitzgerald has spent three years searching for the truth. Eventually, he hopes to discover the true meaning of It all. He’s often asked what he’ll do when he finally finds It. But Fitzgerald says he’ll cross that bridge when he gets to It.

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