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Back in their native Paris, underground rockers Neïmo had a little problem. Since they performed their songs in English, French record labels wouldn’t sign them—because French radio stations (whose programming must be at least 40% French) wouldn’t give them airtime. But, convinced that their music needed to be performed in English, they refused to back down. The decided to keep doing their own thing—a decision that brought them an international audience and, eventually, a record deal here in the States. Slowly but surely, the high-energy quartet is making its way to the States (starting with a short tour in NYC last month). So if you want to be able to say that you knew these guys before they were big, it might be a good idea to check them out now.

The band’s new self-titled five-song EP couldn’t start any better. The high-energy first track, “Echoing Pixels,” will win you over—and have you singing along—in no time flat. Everything on the track—from frontman Bruno Dallesandro’s melodic (and, okay, I’ll say it…sexy) voice to the driving beat to the electronic touches to the subtle harmonies—seems to together flawlessly. And it opens the CD with sound that mixes a retro new wave feel with a style that’s still completely current.

The retro new wave pop fun continues into the second track, “Hot Girl,” another infectious, dance-worthy singalong that I can’t seem to get out of my head, no matter how hard I try. Fortunately, there are far worse things that I could have stuck in my head, so you won’t hear me complaining—because, when it all comes down to it, this stuff is just plain fun. It’s catchy and cool, and it’s guaranteed to make you jump up and down (note: please use caution when listening in the car).

Of course, the EP isn’t without its flaws. After the first few listens, I’ve taken to regularly skipping over “The Hourglass”—a track that never really comes together. And the final track, “Vicious,” is just the slightest bit synth heavy. But overall, this short CD makes a pretty impressive introduction. Fans of all those bands whose names start with “The” will dig Neïmo—but so will those who miss the good old days of new wave pop. Check out the EP, and you’ll want to hear more.

Ed. Note: For more information, check out Neïmo on MySpace.

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