Stingy Jack Review
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Twenty-seven-year-old Adam Bessler, who once traveled the country as a petty thief, has obtained the skills to successfully break into businesses and wealthy homes and to hot-wire a fancy car or two. This wouldn’t have been possible without the proper education from his mentor, the slick Nicky Simms. Now he and Nicky have planned the crime of a lifetime—a multi-million-dollar jewel heist in Boston.

Of course, some distractions face Adam along the way. He definitely enjoys his liquor, and he quickly finds out that he must take better care in scrutinizing his surroundings when he’s inebriated—and even when he’s not. Add to that the fact that he’s awestruck by the stunning Clarissa, whom he met while scoping out opportunities in Boston. He alludes to her that he’s a doctor. However, if things get serious between them, he’ll have to confess his real occupation. How, he wonders, will she handle that?

Even more interestingly, though, Adam meets Jack O’Keefe, a thief from Ireland who’s been wandering around the world since the 17th century. Jack manages to find Adam as he relaxes in various bars. The Irishman then proceeds to relate the chapters of his life—and, ultimately, his bout with the devil himself.

Stingy Jack is a novel made up of two gripping stories—one of a young crook in today’s world and one from a different place and time. Author R. Scott Taylor, who travels extensively and studies world myths, incorporates Celtic folklore into both a current and a historical setting. The two tales intertwine as one might expect—but not in ways that you would imagine.

The story soars at a rapid pace and never slows down. I felt for the tainted characters of Adam and Jack, and I secretly rooted for them. I was also so engrossed in Jack’s story—just as much as Adam was, in fact—that I couldn’t put the book down.

Many world legends have universal themes, such as making deals with the devil. However, the aspects integrated into Stingy Jack are entirely unique. I’m just aching to read Taylor’s next book. I hope one’s in the process.

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