No Control Review
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Lana Hancock survived one of the most horrific situations that a person can experience: captivity by terrorists. They broke her bones, but they didn’t break her spirit. With a will to survive, she heals and moves on. But then the man she’s tried to hate for the past eighteen months is sent to protect her.

A few members of the Swarm terrorist group are still out there, and Lana is unfinished business. The nightmare continues as she tries to protect her family with her silence—not even telling the man who’s been sent to protect her the truth about what she knows.

When Lana was in captivity, Delta Force Operative Caleb Stone was deep undercover, trying to find out about the Swarm’s plans to blow up an American elementary school. He could do nothing but stand by and watch as Lana and her friends suffered—or he’s risk blowing his cover, leading to even more deaths. It still haunts him to this day, and he hopes to make it up to Lana by keeping her safe now. But she’s not telling him everything, and he knows it—so does the Swarm.

Intense and well thought out, No Control takes you on a terrifying journey into the minds of terrorists—and into a woman’s fight to put the horror behind her and rebuild her fragile life. After a while, the heavy subject matter will begin to weigh you down, and you’ll find yourself wanting to take a break for the sake of your sanity—but you’ll be unwilling to put the book down because the story is so engrossing.

Though I understood Lana’s lack of trust where Caleb—or anyone else, for that matter—is concerned, it soon began to grate on my nerves. If I were going to trust anyone with my safety, a Delta Force soldier would be it. Of course, if she’d trusted sooner, there wouldn’t have been much sense in keeping the novel going much longer, either.

All of that aside, though, No Control is a gripping read—one I would recommend highly. It’s a deep, dark, romantic suspense novel that’ll satisfy your need for something with a little more substance than the average romance. Just don’t read it if you’re in a dark mood—because it’ll only make your mood darker.

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