Zimbbos Review
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Players: 1-4 (ages 3+)
Playing Time: 5-10 minutes

Zimbbos is the elephant stacking game that will excite children as they attempt to build an animal pyramid by accomplishing feats of balance with their stackable animals. Zimbbos is a game for up to four players. It’s great for children ages three and up, but parents will also enjoy being part of the fun in this quick, strategy-based game.

Pieces are composed of 3D circus animals—from elephants to a gorilla, lion, bear, and more. The game pieces are well crafted out of wood and painted with non-toxic paints that are safe for children—and they’re also colorful and fun to use.

Players take turns rolling the die and placing elephants on the pyramid. However, they also have the chance to change things up by adding joker pieces to the pyramid, or they can raise the stakes by building the pyramid higher with the placement of balancing bars. In the end, the player who places the final elephant on the pyramid is the winner. But don’t topple the pyramid. If you do, then you lose!

Zimbbos is an enticing game for children. Besides teaching little ones the basics of number and color recognition, this game will also encourage social interaction. It teaches children the importance of strategy, and it even introduces them to the basics of physics—all while encouraging them to use their imagination and creativity to keep the pyramid going. Game time itself is short, taking only an average of five to 10 minutes per game. However, this quick playing time is ideal for the family on the go, allowing one or more rounds of fun to fit easily into a family’s day.

Not only is this award-winning game fun to play, but it’s also environmentally conscious. Blue Orange Games promises to plant two trees for each one that’s used in game production, which is a great way to ensure family fun while still being eco-friendly.

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