Vehicle of Vengeance Review
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When Karl leaves Karla with a shattered heart after lying to her and using her for his own selfish pleasure, her first thought is to lie down and die. She nearly succeeds, but Alandra, Mistress of Lust, steps in and turns Karla into a vampire so she might live. But Alandra and her companion have another use for her.

Since Karla is a vampire created by one of the elementals, she only needs to feed once a week—and only from Alandra. She can still enjoy food and drink, and she can pass for human. Armed with supernatural abilities and fueled by pain and anger, Karla goes after Karl with a vengeance. With the help of her policeman friend, Dave, she also goes after renegade vampires who are a threat to humans—and who will one day be a threat to the elementals if not controlled.

Put Vehicle of Vengeance through an intense edit to clear up repetitive words and some awkward wording, and it’ll make one heck of an explosive read. Fae Gatekeeper of Dreams has come up with a unique and plausible way for a vampire to live like a normal human while possessing all of the mystery and strength of a creature of the night.

Despite the mechanical and grammatical problems throughout this novel, I still enjoyed it more than I’ve enjoyed a lot of well-written books. Karla is a fascinating and tough—yet still compassionate—heroine. She’s someone I’d love to follow from novel to novel. Policeman Dave also makes an interesting sidekick.

I enjoyed Vehicle of Vengeance simply because it’s unlike any vampire story I’ve read in a very long while. Fae Gatekeeper of Dreams has a voice that’s truly different, and I bet that, with a little help to strengthen her writing, she’ll become one of the best fantasy authors on the market one day.

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