In Trysts Review
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On the outside, Peri Mackintosh is a quiet librarian with a degree in anthropology, but, on the inside, she has a secret. She helps women reclaim their birthright—even if she has to steal valuable documents, among other things, in order to accomplish her mission. She’s the best at what she does, and she’s not exactly breaking the law. She’s just making sure that certain people get what’s rightfully theirs. She’s a modern-day female Robin Hood of sorts. Now all she has to do is stay one step ahead of Jake Hastings—a man who stands for everything she dislikes.

Jake came from a prosperous family, and now he works as a spy for the government. His latest assignment is to figure out who’s stealing from the world’s wealthiest families. After all, whoever he or she is may be targeting his family’s fortune, too. After an unexpected midnight tryst in his father’s garden, he may have found the love of his life—and the felon he’s been looking for. But he can’t quite bring himself to arrest her, so they play a cat-and-mouse game while trying their best not to fall in love.

In Trysts isn’t your typical romance novel. The characters are impulsive and even a shade on the wacky side—and I loved it. It’s such an incredibly fun read that I found myself picking it up to read during any spare time that I could squeeze out of my day. I simply couldn’t wait to get back to it.

Ms. Knight writes in a way that makes her readers able to relate to her characters. For instance, one scene involving Peri’s cat, Ernest Hemingway, and his litter box had me howling with laughter. Since my cats do the same thing, I could easily relate. And by including normal, everyday scenes like that one, Ms. Knight makes her characters and their lives so much more realistic than the characters in most romance novels.

Ms. Knight is definitely one of my favorite new romance authors, and I plan to read everything she publishes. If you want something different, In Trysts is it!

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