Merlicious 3 Review
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Merlicious 3 is a delicious collection of six stories about mermaids and mermen who fall in love on land and on sea, facing harrowing obstacles that might keep them apart.

In “To Catch a Dream” by Laura Kitchell, Paul has had it with life. He’s never fit in, so he takes off on a fishing trip planning not to return—but he doesn’t expect to find a mermaid princess who tries to convince that him he’s a merman who must marry her to become king.

Susan Anthony brings us “Somewhere Between Worlds,” in which Prince Troidan comes to shore to enlist the help of Dr. Samantha Singer to cure his father—but he can’t let her know they’re mermen.

In “Through Thick and Fin” by Cara Preston, Marina’s heart is broken because she thinks Dave has moved on to someone else. So why did he create a sand mermaid that looks exactly like Marina? Unfortunately, the sculpture brings unwanted attention from the wrong man.

Jessie York has been getting too close to exposing mer-folk with her best-selling novels in “Unexpected Truths” by Cheryl Bonner. Neptune sends Nick Sirius to wipe her memories, but when he gets to know Jessie, it’s the last thing he wants to do.

In “Tails, You Win” by Andrea Jackson, Stella enters the annual Mermaid Games, hoping to win the big prize so she can go to school. The last thing she wants is a mate, but a loner like Seth might just change her mind.

Finally, Barbara Donlon Bradley brings us a klutzy heroine in “A Fish Out of Water.” After pouring hot coffee on her boss, Sarah gets one last chance not to screw up at a business function. At the beach, she meets a man who’s just as clumsy as she is—and who doesn’t seem to know much about the world. Still, she needs a date for the business dinner, so she brings him along.

All six of these stories were a pleasure to read, but “A Fish Out of Water” was my favorite. Something about a clumsy heroine makes me grin, and I love to read romance that’s written with lots of humor. The heroine’s clumsiness made her seem more realistic and not so perfect, which is a good thing—because I (like most readers) tend to relate more to those types of women.

The tales in Merlicious 3 range from sweet to steamy, and they were written with a whole lot of imagination on each author’s part. Humor, danger, and drama will keep you hooked on each of these stories. You may have to suspend your belief beyond the norm to enjoy them, but what’s life without a little bit of make believe? I enjoyed this imaginative collection—and so will you.

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