Young Girl Makes Courageous Escape to Freedom
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WOODBURY, MN Nine-year-old Chelsea Ferndale took a bold and daring step yesterday afternoon, when she fled from the tyranny and oppression that she’s been forced to endure all her life. The injustice. The neglect. The torture. The Lima beans for dinner.

For years, Chelsea had been plotting—planning her escape. She’d discovered that whining and screaming and stomping just wasn’t working, so her only option was to wait. And until she found the perfect opportunity, she would have to be strong. She would have to bear the constant slavery of washing the dishes and cleaning her room. Undergo the torment of her big brother, who likes to call her names and pull her hair. Suffer through the fact that her parents never buy her the cool toys that every single one of her friends has.

Yesterday, however, after years of planning and suffering, Chelsea finally got her chance. Her parents were gone, and her brother was downstairs, playing video games with his friends. She knew it was time to execute her plan. So she ran to her room and got out her Barbie suitcase. She threw in her favorite purple shirt, her jeans, and her doll, Suzie. And she quietly tip-toed through the house—so her brother wouldn’t hear her—and made her way through the front door.

She was out! But her journey had just begun. She had a long way to run before she reached her destination. Two blocks—all the way to Kirsten’s house. And no one could see her, or they would definitely stop her and bring her back to her prison. But she had come too far to let that happen. She was determined to fight her way to freedom.

The hike seemed to last forever. She became tired. Her suitcase felt so heavy. And finally…freedom! The weary refugee collapsed on Kirsten’s doorstep. She knocked on the door and was greeted by Kirsten’s mom, who welcomed her to safety.

Chelsea spent several hours at her friend’s home, but she later decided that perhaps she could endure the torture of her prison when she discovered that Kirsten’s mom was serving broccoli for dinner.

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