Hotter After Midnight Review
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Dr. Emily Drake isn’t your regular psychiatrist. Her job is to heal the minds of the Others: vampires, demons, shifters—your garden variety of supernatural beings. Born with the gift to read thoughts, she has a better understanding of what they go through, but her gift can also attract dangerous things that are more evil than good.

Detective Colin Gyth has been assigned to work with Emily—the one woman who can expose him as a wolf shifter. The last time that happened, it nearly cost him his life. But he needs Emily’s expertise in order to apprehend the Night Butcher, a killer who rips out his victims’ throats like a wild animal.

Emily brings out the alpha male in Colin, and he makes her want to lose control. Sexual tension sizzles between them as they hunt a human who may very well be a beast who wants to taste Emily’s terror before he kills her.

Lately, I’ve had a hard time liking most of the female leads in romances, so it was refreshing to come across a character like Emily Drake. In writing Emily, Ms. Eden blended the right amount of softness with a tough demeanor that keeps her from allowing the dominant male character to walk all over her. It’s really difficult to pull off a female character like that without making her sound too tough, but Ms. Eden did it wonderfully.

Though I’m not crazy about alpha males, either—because they tend to come off sounding and acting like jerks—Ms. Eden managed to make me like Colin Gyth, too. Despite his tendency toward dominating Emily, Colin still has that rough, take-charge masculinity, mixed with protective instincts that still make him likeable.

Put those two characters together, and Hotter After Midnight is definitely a steamy book, too—with some of the best sex scenes I’ve read in a long time.

No matter how many books on supernatural beings I’ve read, I never seem to tire of them—especially when an author like Cynthia Eden throws in a different spin, creating likeable characters and making the genre feel new and unique each time. She writes with confidence and invigorating naturalness, making Hotter After Midnight enjoyable to read. Fans of supernatural romance novels will want to check out this new author. I expect great things from her in the future.

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