Pursuit Review
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When Charlotte Court walks in on the head of security for her family’s company as he snuffs out the life of her ailing father, she ends up with a bullet through her shoulder and no other option but to run. Terrified and in excruciating pain, she travels south into Mexico, where she hopes to hide for a while to heal and make plans to prove her innocence. The police seem to think that she killed her father, but murder is the least of her troubles. A highly trained gun-for-hire has been sent to silence her forever, to allow a greedy man to get his hands on everything she owns.

Navy SEAL Matt Sanders seeks shelter in Mexico to recover from serious injuries he sustained while on active duty in Afghanistan—injuries that ended his career as a soldier. He’s on the brink of giving up for good when he spies a beautiful angel—Charlotte—watching him on the beach. Right then, he draws the strength to heal his body and return to health.

Charlotte and Matt come together on a stormy night. Matt discovers part of a secret she’s been hiding, but he doesn’t really care what the whole truth entails. The man who shot his angel is still out there, and there’s no way Matt will allow him to get anywhere near Charlotte again.

Typically, the big publishers tend to stick to whichever formula currently works for the romance genre. In short, you’ve read one, you’ve read them all—with few exceptions. Right now, the formula seems to be a fragile female in danger and a tough military man—who just happens to be a Navy SEAL, Delta Force, or Special Operations soldier. Fortunately, though, I’m not tired of this formula—yet—and Ms. Jennings makes it work.

Normally, a fragile heroine would get on my nerves, leaving me less than sympathetic to her plight—but that didn’t happen here. Ms. Jennings created a heroine so compelling that Charlotte’s fragility only adds to her character. It makes you want the hero to keep her safe—and, at the same time, it makes you hope that the experience will make Charlotte a stronger woman. It also helps that Matt is a combination of everything I love in a man. He’s tough, mysterious, and haunted, and he’s willing to crack skulls and break bones if someone threatens the woman he loves. Mix this with a sense of honor and self-control, and you have the perfect hero. Matt is that and more.

Filled with atmosphere and a sense of danger that’s waiting for the perfect moment to strike, Pursuit will keep you hanging on right up until its explosive end. Cookie-cutter read or not, it’s certain that I’ll pick up another novel by Elizabeth Jennings—because her characters, more than anything, keep me drawn to the story.

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