Danger’s Kiss Review
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Desiree Kabayn spent most of her life as a thief in order to survive. She would charm men to distraction while her guardian, Hubert (whom she calls her grandpa), robbed them blind. All in all, Hubert was a good guardian—he made sure she was fed and kept men from going too far with their flirtations. But now he’s been hung for a murder he didn’t commit, and the only man standing between Desiree and the cruel streets of Canterbury is the most feared lawman in the land—Nicholas Grimshaw, the shire-reeve of Kent.

When Nicholas walks the streets, men get out of his way, and women cringe at the mere sight of him. He carries out the law with a stern hand, seeming to show no mercy. Only Desiree doesn’t fear him—because she knows he’s not all he seems to be. Duty-bound to take care of her, Nicholas will keep his word, even if it means that he loses his heart to the delightful and saucy little thief.

Desiree is determined to find out who really committed the murder for which her guardian was hanged. But snooping around leads her to something far more dangerous than she bargained for, and it’ll take all of Nicholas’s wit and brawn to get her out of the mess that she drags them both into.

It usually takes me a while to get used to the heroine in a Sarah McKerrigan romance—because the heroine can be a hell-cat, usually on the wrong side of the law. But it didn’t take me quite as long as usual to be charmed by Desiree. Despite the fact she’s a thief who sometimes acts like a child, I couldn’t help but grow to like this spirited and impish character. It also helped that the hero doesn’t let the heroine get away with much bad behavior.

As always, Ms. McKerrigan once again does an excellent job of bringing the medieval period to life. In fact, she does it so well that, as I read, I could imagine the streets of Canterbury—the people, the clothing, and that homes—as if I’d actually visited the place.

Daring and bold, Danger’s Kiss takes readers on a thrilling—but merry—adventure of trickery and turmoil. I’m not usually a big fan of historical romances, but if Sarah McKerrigan writes it, I won’t miss it.

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