Scream for Me Review
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Thirteen years ago, Alex Fallon’s twin sister, Alicia, was murdered. Now, women Alex knew from her years in Dutton, Georgia are turning up dead—murdered in the same way that Alicia was.

It all begins when Alex gets a call from Social Services, telling her to come and get Hope—a niece she never knew existed. The last time she’d been in contact with her half-sister, Bailey, she was strung out on drugs. But now Bailey is missing, and Hope is traumatized by the kidnapping. So Alex returns to Dutton—a place filled with bad memories—to find her sister.

While investigating a recent murder, which mimics a murder from thirteen years ago, Agent Daniel Vartanian discovers a disturbing truth involving his serial-killing brother, Simon. Simon is dead, but his legacy isn’t. What’s left behind is a total mess involving some very prominent citizens of Dutton, Georgia—citizens who will kill to keep their secrets guarded.

When Daniel comes face-to-face with Alex, it’s as if he’s seen a ghost. She looks exactly like Alicia Tremaine, a young girl who was murdered thirteen years ago. But as bodies start to pile up, Daniel suddenly realizes that the woman he’s beginning to love just might be the grand finale for a ruthless killer.

Before you read Scream for Me, I suggest starting with Ms. Rose’s last book, Die for Me—or you might be a bit confused in the beginning about who Simon is. In fact, even though I read Die for Me several months ago, I was still a little lost. But I quickly figured everything out—and the rest was smooth sailing.

Filled with a maze of twists and turns, Scream for Me will keep your brow creased in concentration as you puzzle out all the clues. With held breath, you’ll race to reach the end, just to see how it all comes out. I couldn’t wait to see how Ms. Rose would pull it all together—because the plot is that complex.

Ms. Rose is quite possibly the best romantic suspense author of all time. Her villains are some of the most despicable creatures to roam the pages of a thriller, and they’ll send a cascade of chill bumps racing down your back. The plots are complicated, and they’re so much fun to try to figure out.

Scream for Me is one of Ms. Rose’s best to date—it’s an up-all-night read. I can’t wait for this author’s next novel to be released.

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